How To Get Cheaper Entrance Fee To Kidzania Malaysia

School holidays are over but it will come back. Many parents are scratching not only to get ideas where they could bring their kids to, but also how to spend wisely during school holidays but at the same time enjoying their time together with the whole family. Those days, during my time, I still remember that school holiday will just remain as a holiday for us. Meaning, there will be no special activities except that we do not have to go to school - stay at home but doing lots of things. Cleaning the house area, planting a tree, sometimes when it is a 'durian' season, then we will be staying at the small hut behind the house waiting for the golden fruit falling down from the trees.

School holidays means that we will be enjoying a freedom as a school boy. No home work, no strict timeline to adhere to, no Monday assembly, no need to iron our school uniform (mind you, we do iron our clothes on our own) and no hard time of waiting for the bus by the road side. But we do enjoy the school days during our those days. Vacation or going somewhere else places will only happened once a year. Normally at the end of the year, during a long school break between November and December. And the choice of places? Beach, waterfall and so on - we do love natural forest unlike today there are too many choices either to go to a natural forest or man-made forest. 

One of the interesting places that many may put in their calendar is Kidzania Malaysia. As many of us knows, Kidzania gives a new experience to our young kids and maybe to motivate them to be what they ought to be. And during my time, many many years back, when we were asked in the class what would be our ambition - the cliche moment started. The boy may want to be a soldier, a firemen or a doctor and the girl might come up with a doctor,  a nurse or perhaps a housewife (because their mother is a housewife and they have very kind, good and beautiful mother). 

Perhaps, Kidzania will try to expose our children more on their options of their occupation in future. But, if you think that their entrance fee are so much expensive, maybe you would want to observe these few option to enjoy cheaper yet affordable prices
Option 1:

Confess that you are Malaysian and bring your MyKad and your kids MyKid.

By ensuring that you bring your MyKad and your kids MyKid all the time, you would be able to enter Kidzania with cheaper price. The discount that you may enjoy is between 25% - 40% (depending on the season and their current fees). That's a lot of savings for being Malaysian visiting Kidzania Malaysia.

Option 2: 


Be alert and Be aware!. If you have already planning to bring your kids to Kidzania, why don't you start planning now. There is a quote says " If you fail to plan, you planned to fail". Indeed!. Start surveying the price and promotions. They might have better package that suits yours. If you can read this blog, I am sure you will be scouting and reading other blogs too that you may want to include Kidzania page into you searching vaganza. 

Option 3:
Image : Kidzania

 Book online. No elaboration :)

Have fun and enjoy your upcoming holidays.


How To Increase Your Computer Volume To Be Above Maximum

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You have increased the volume up to 100%, you do not want to install external speaker because it may not be practical to you. But you want to increase the volume as you cannot even hear anything. The volume is too slow. 

Logically, once you have increased the volume to above maximum, that should be the limit. But, hey, Windows actually has the option to increase your computer volume to make it louder and louder. If you have the problem of your computer volume is too slow, you may want to follow these steps:

(1) First, open your computer control panel. Once you opened it, there will be a lot of menus and options to choose. Straight hover your mouse over the Sound option. And click on it.

(2) Secondly, you will be prompted with the Sound menu. In this dialog box, there will be four major options. Just remain at the Playback option, click at the Speakers and hover your mouse to Properties button and click on it.

(3) Thirdly, you will be prompted with the Speakers properties box. In this dialog box, there will be four major options. Choose Enhancements option, and bring your mouse to the option Loudness Equalization. Tick on the option and press button OK

(4) Voila, now you can enjoy listening to your computer much much more convenient.