In Between Advertisement and Savings.

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If you look around us, what will be emblazoned in front of us is advertisementadvertisement and advertisement. The moment you open your own house dooryou will see advertisement in the mail box. The moment you open the gate, you  will see many advertisements that are hang here and there - at the electric poletelephone pole and even there is dedicated advertisement post. Anywhere we go, there will be lots of advertisements that are spread out - on televisionin newspaperin magazinesin any space; even in social site like Facebook, Google Adsense also increase the prosperity of advertising space all over the world. World? hehe

Therefore, what is the main purpose of advertisement?

My personal point of view, the purposes of advertisement are depends on the intention of whoever initiated the advertisement to fulfill their intention. There are people who advertised the services that they have to offer, there are advertiser who would like people to know the product that they are selling and there are also some advertisers who advertised the information that they have to the targeted group of people. 

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Searched on with the search keywords "main purpose of advertisements" has returned with 67,800,000 results on the main purpose of advertisements. Taken from the first link appear on the search results which is from Share Your Essays outlined eight main purposes of advertisements. The eight main purposes of the advertisements can be derived as follows: 

1. Communicates information.
2. Creates ground for personal selling.
3. Educates people.
4. Creates and extends demand:
5. Creates image for the product or service.
6. Builds goodwill
7. Obtain dealer support.
8. Counters competition

Except for item number 2 and 7, the rest are non-associated with the main purpose of selling. Again, if you look around, majority of the advertisement purpose nowadays is either on product/services selling or in an effort to attract more people to buy products. On the other side, the advertisement is the way to disseminate information and educate people at large - not only business related. 
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The above graph shows the declining rate of newspaper ads revenues in United States between 2000 to 2010; behind it was advertisement are most of the time meant for generating income purposes. 

Savings way of advertisement

Societies and people at large are in needs of education - in line with the majority purposes of advertisements stated by Business Insider. However,the trend now are companies and individuals are lying on the advantage of advertisement in generating more income. It is not wrong to use it but the social responsibility in need must be well balanced with the major purpose of advertisement indeed. Drive along the federal roads, breeze along the rural streets and ask this once:

1. How many advertisements and billboards that you found encouraging people to save and deposit their money in the bank instead of mushrooming of loan taking fiesta? 

2. Or maybe how many telecommunication companies that rewards their customer for talking less and less instead of talking more and more and get the more out of no more?

3. And how many fast food eateries that give you voucher for not visiting them often than you always do that visiting them often may also make you worrying on the cholesterol level in your blood?. 

Not to grasp salt and rub on the open wounds, one has to think of their own survival during rainy days. Start saving, be smart on your own spending. 

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