How To Increase Your Computer Volume To Be Above Maximum

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You have increased the volume up to 100%, you do not want to install external speaker because it may not be practical to you. But you want to increase the volume as you cannot even hear anything. The volume is too slow. 

Logically, once you have increased the volume to above maximum, that should be the limit. But, hey, Windows actually has the option to increase your computer volume to make it louder and louder. If you have the problem of your computer volume is too slow, you may want to follow these steps:

(1) First, open your computer control panel. Once you opened it, there will be a lot of menus and options to choose. Straight hover your mouse over the Sound option. And click on it.

(2) Secondly, you will be prompted with the Sound menu. In this dialog box, there will be four major options. Just remain at the Playback option, click at the Speakers and hover your mouse to Properties button and click on it.

(3) Thirdly, you will be prompted with the Speakers properties box. In this dialog box, there will be four major options. Choose Enhancements option, and bring your mouse to the option Loudness Equalization. Tick on the option and press button OK

(4) Voila, now you can enjoy listening to your computer much much more convenient. 

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